Dr. Windu Cassius Matoka

Senior Lecturer

 (DBA, MBA, BBA, PG Dip)

Dr. Windu Cassius Matoka is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Business at ZCAS University. He possesses a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (BBA) from the Copperbelt University (Kitwe, Zambia); a Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Management College of Southern Africa (Johannesburg,  South Africa); a Doctor of Business Administration degree (DBA) from the Binary University of Management and Entrepreneurship (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Small Entrepreneurship Promotions and Industrial Assistance (SEPIA) from the Maastricht School of Management (Maastricht, the Netherlands).

Prior to joining ZCAS University, Dr Matoka worked in government for a total of Twenty-Three (23) years from 1990 to 2013. He served in many different capacities, rising from a Project Officer to Senior Projects Officer; Regional Manager; Senior Controller of Entrepreneurship Programmes; Research Manager and SME Training Manager in both the defunct Small Industries Development Organisation (SIDO) and the Small Enterprises Development Board (SEDB), to being the first Director of the Small and Medium Enterprises Division at the inception of the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) in 2007 up to 2013.

Dr Matoka specialises in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development and has consulted for more than Thirty (30) organisations in the Public, Private and Civil Society Sectors both locally and internationally. He is a certified trainer on various SME Development and Training Packages. He also serves and has previously served on various boards of directors in the Public, Private and Civil Society Sectors.


At ZCAS University, Dr Matoka teaches courses at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Among the courses he teaches include Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship; Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Leadership and Organisational Behaviour; Global Enterprises and Innovation, Small Business Development (undergraduate) International Entrepreneurship; International Economics and Innovation; Strategy and Organisational Transformation; Innovation, Change and Entrepreneurship (Masters); Human Capital Investment; Public Sector Management; Managing Business Growth and Entrepreneurship and Social Innovations (Doctorate).

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