Guidelines for Submission of Manuscripts

The author guidelines include information about the types of articles, book reviews and comments that will be accepted for publication. The overview will guide the author on how to prepare the manuscript for submission.

The submission cover letter and all relevant forms must be submitted before the manuscript is processed. All manuscripts and forms need to be completed in English.

1.1 Types of Submissions

1.1 Book Reviews

A book review is a brief article giving insights or expressing an opinion on a new book within the scope of the journal.

  • Submission Status: The author should submit a letter to express their interest or ideas for the review of a particular book.
  • Abstract: Not more than 300 words and five keywords.
  • Word Limit: 1000 words (excluding the tables, figures, graphs, and references)
  • Main Text:Authors are required to use subheadings to provide order to the manuscript.
  • References: APA referencing style and include no more than 7 references as this is a commentary
  • Additional Forms:Other forms to be signed include authorship, disclosure statement, copy right and license agreements

1.2 Original Research Article

An original article provides an overview of innovative research in a particular field within or related to the focus and scope of the journal, presented according to a clear and well-structured format as stipulated below:

  • Submission Status: Open access.
  • Word Limit: Not more than 8,000 words excluding abstract, tables, figures, graphs, and references.
  • Full title:The title should be specific, descriptive, concise, comprehensible and must appeal to a broader readership. It should have a maximum of 30 words.
  • Abstract: Abstract required. Not more than 300 words.
  • Coverage: Must include Introduction, Background, Problem Statement, Aim/Objective, Method, Results, Conclusion and Contribution. Structural Headings to be used.

    Introduction and background
    This should include the context of the study and underpin the value of the study. This section should also discuss the aim of the article and the main research questions.

    Provide evidence to justify the research problem that needs to be probed without necessarily giving the data or conclusions of the work being cited.

    Present and justify the research method(s) used in the research. Also include a statement pointing to research ethical considerations.

    The results should be presented in a logical sequence and aligned to the aims of the study. A good approach is to give the main or most important findings only to avoid repeating data in the tables and figures in the text. In addition, the figures and tables should be restricted to those which support data or explain the argument of the paper.


    This section should begin with a summary of the main findings of the study, followed by an explanation and implications of the findings. A good conclusion clearly points the new contributions of the findings to policy, theory, and practice. State the limitations of your study and explore the implications of your findings for future research. The section should end with limitations suggestions for areas for future research.

  • Cover Letter
    The authorship, disclosure statements, copyright, and license agreement are compulsory and form part of your submission. Kindly download and complete, the provided form.

    Anyone that has made a significant contribution to the research and the paper must be listed as an author in your cover letter. Contributions that fall short of meeting the criteria as stipulated in our policy should rather be mentioned in the ‘Acknowledgement section of the manuscript. Read our authorship guidelines and author contribution statement policies.

  • References:
  • Authors should provide direct references to original research sources whenever possible. References should not be used by authors, editors, or peer reviewers to promote self-interests. APA referencing style will be used.

1.3 Intimation of Acceptance

Within 48 hours after receiving the article.

For author’s convenience, we strongly follow the following steps:

  1. Response will be given within 24 hours.
  2. Author will get their Acceptance/Rejection notification within 48 hours of submitting paper.
  3. All the accepted papers will be open access with a full PDF download.
  4. JBE4IR provides the soft copy of certificates to all Authors free of cost via email address.